iSkate app screenshots

Zoia is the co-creator of the iSkateSchool app series with fellow ice coach and app developer Daniel Smith. The app has been developed to help you learn and master new skills. There are currently 3 apps in the iSkateSchool series, iSkate Beginners, iSkate Improvers and iSkate Stops.

With Over 20 fundamental ice skating skills demonstrated by a professional coach this app enables you to review important skating skills at the touch of a button. All the video footage is included when you install the app - so no long waits to download the next video or watch it streaming online.

Selected exercises have extra viewing angles when needed to help you to really see what is going on.  All of our apps will allow you to get instant guidance wherever and whenever you want! If you are unsure of a move you can replay the videos to your heart’s content. Each video comes with key-points for you to focus on during practice – helping you to identify and avoid common mistakes before they become habits.

iSkate Beginners app

The iSkate Beginners app is a must have for any person who wants to learn or recap the basics of skating and will allow you to figure skate with confidence as well as giving you a solid foundation to develop your own skating flair! This is a must have for any skater, or skating parent who wants to improve their skating, and get a deeper understanding of the skills they are learning.

iSkate app

iSkate Improvers app

The iSkate Improvers app is the follow up to the successful iSkateSchool Beginners. Taking things to the next level this takes things a step further encouraging the skater to push themselves to learn more advanced moves. From Backwards crosses to forward drags this app allows you to extend you learning potential, whilst still retaining the element of fun to your skating.

iSkate Stops app

The iSkate Stops app is the latest addition to the iSkateSchool family of skating apps, demonstrating many of the most common stops. This app will show you the most basic stopping drill and how to stop and introduces more variations as you improve. We have graded the stops into levels of difficulty, so you can make steady progress. Some of the stops included: - Forwards snow plough - Hockey stop - T stop - Backwards snow plough - Show stop.